A duo of dance dates with Lar Lubovitch!

The Board and Honorary Committee of the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company invite you



... to celebrate the opening of our 39th Anniversary Season with a pair of special events, featuring acclaimed dances by Lar Lubovitch being performed by American Ballet Theatre and the Limon Dance Company.

Saturday, October 28: Please join us for the season premiere of Lar Lubovitch's Meadow, danced by American Ballet Theatre at New York City Center.
     6:00 pm: Pre-performance reception with Lar Lubovitch at Michael's Restaurant, 24 West 55th Street.
     8:00 pm: Performance at NY City Center, 135 West 55th Street.

Tuesday, November 14: Attend the New York premiere of Lar Lubovitch's Recordare on the opening night of the Limon Dance Company's fall 2006 season at the Joyce Theater.
     7:30 pm: Performance at the Joyce Theater, 175 Eighth Avenue (at 19th Street).
     Immediately following: Post-performance champagne and dessert reception at the Joyce with Lar Lubovitch and dancers.
     9:30 pm: Dinner with Lar Lubovitch at Sueños, 311 West 17th Street.

Benefit tickets are available for each performance at prices ranging from $250 to $1000 and are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  The proceeds from the two events will help make possible the company's 2006-07 activities summarized below.  For ticket information, please telephone 212.221.7909 or email

About Meadow

American Ballet Theatre reprises this Lubovitch work from 1999, set to a collage of music by Franz Schubert, Gavin Bryars, Ferruccio Busoni and William David Brohn. The special event will take place on Saturday, October 28.  In addition, Meadow will be performed by ABT on October 24 and 27, and on November 4 (matinee) and 5 (matinee).

In The New York Times, Anna Kisselgoff wrote, "Meadow is a poetic, dreamlike work...with a strong emotional undercurrent...evoking love and loss.  For all the lyrical wavelike patterns in the opening and closing passages, it is easy to understand the impact of the central duet and the thunderclap of applause that followed it.  Here is something new in the use of cantilevered weight between two bodies and in sharply etched outlines that speak of tenderness and understated passion."

About Recordare

Created in 2005, Recordare will have its New York premiere during the Limon Dance Company's fall 2006 season at the Joyce Theater. Set to music by Elliot Goldenthal -- who was also commissioned to compose the score for Lubovitch's full-length Othello -- the special event featuring the premiere will take place on Tuesday, November 14.  In addition, Recordare will be performed by the Limon company on November 17, 18 (matinee), 19, 22, 25 and 26 (matinee). 

According to The Washington Post, "Life and death are clasped in a tipsy waltz in Lar Lubovitch's Recordare ("Remember"), a boisterous yet ultimately softhearted work... In a series of vignettes drawing on the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, the stage was peopled by dancing skeletons, a jelly-bellied devil and Death himself, a saucy, naughty trickster.  Beyond the gaping skull masks and bright, folksy costumes that made the work so funny, there was a tender tribute to the balm of religious salvation.  The tone is tart and the pacing is swift, yet there is genuine feeling in the ending, which recognizes the deeper mysteries of the belief system at the core of the festival."

About Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

The Lar Lubovitch Dance Company was founded in 1968.  Over the past 38 years it has gained an international reputation as one of the world's best dance companies.  Celebrated for both its choreographic excellence and for its unsurpassed dancing, the company has created more than 100 new dances and performed before millions of people in virtually every state of America, as well as in more than 30 foreign countries.

A few highlights of the company's activities for 2006-07 include:
     CREATING three new dances (Little Rhapsodies, Cryptoglyph and a 3rd as-yet-unnamed work);
     PERFORMING the NY preview of Little Rhapsodies (part of a larger work in process) at Cedar Lake Theater on December 11, 2006, and staging the company's 39th anniversary NYC season (including the world premiere of an as-yet-unnamed new work) at the 900-seat Skirball Center from April 16--22, 2007; and
     TEACHING six of its famous dances to other top professional companies (such as ABT and Limon), in addition to continuing its acclaimed on-going educational programs -- including Lar's Dance Your Dreams and Open Doors -- for talented but underserved children in public high schools throughout all 5 boroughs of New York City.

Board of the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

President                                                  Members
Katherine M. Bristor                                   Katherine M. Bristor
Richard J. Caples
Vice Presidents                                           Thomas C. Clark
Maxine Pollak                                           Ruta Jureviciute
Dale Ponikvar                                           Virginia Kinzey
Kenneth F. Koen
Treasurer                                                   Lar Lubovitch
W. Patrick McMullan III                              W. Patrick McMullan III
 Maxine Pollak
Secretary                                                   Dale L. Ponikvar
Virginia Kinzey                                           Jeffery Sholeen
                                                              Wendy A. Stahl
President Emeritus                                       Beth D. Tractenberg
Thomas C. Clark

In Memoriam
Michele G. Falkow

Honorary Committee for the two special events

F. Murray Abraham                               Michael M. Kaiser
Theodore S. Bartwink                            Paul Labrecque
Mikhail Baryshnikov                              Carla Maxwell
Dave Brubeck                                       Kevin McKenzie
Dick Button                                          Terrence McNally
Cora Cahan & Bernard Gersten               Judith & Samuel Peabody
Mihail Chemiakin                                  Bernadette Peters
Constantin Costa-Gavras                       Martha Roth & Bill Irwin
Robin Cousins, MBE                              JoJo Starbuck
Dorothy Hamill                                     Violette Verdy


For more info on the Lubovitch company's fall special events, please call 212.221.7909, or email, or visit us on-line at

-- Lar Lubovitch rehearsing Charlaine Katsuyoshi and Jay Franke in Lubovitch's Love Stories.  Photo © Todd Rosenberg.  Courtesy of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.
-- Julie Kent and Marcelo Gomes in Lubovitch's Meadow.  Photo © Joe McNally.  Courtesy of American Ballet Theatre.
-- Ryoko Kudo and Roel Seeber in Lubovitch's Recordare.  Photo © Rosalie O'Connor.  Courtesy of Limon Dance Company.
-- Lar Lubovitch.  Photo © Rose Eichenbaum.  Courtesy of Lar Lubovitch Dance Company.

Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

Mission:  The Lubovitch company was created to realize the artistic vision of Lar Lubovitch, one of the foremost contemporary choreographers in the United States.  The company exists: (1) to create new work; (2) to perform those works (and facilitate the performance of those works by others) both in our home base of New York City and around the world; and (3) to teach people of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, in order to increase awareness and appreciation of dance.

History:  Over the past 38 years, the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company has gained a reputation as one of the world's leading modern dance companies and has performed in virtually every state of the US and in more than 30 foreign countries.  Lar Lubovitch has been cited by The New York Times as "one of the ten best choreographers in the world," and the company has been called a "national treasure" by Variety.  The company is primarily focused on the creation of new dances, sometimes in collaboration with other top companies.

Contact:  The Lubovitch company is located at 229 West 42nd Street, New York NY 10036.  You can reach us at (212) 221-7909 or  Or visit our website at

Support:  Programs of the Lar Lubovtich Dance Company are funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, as well as by Altria, Atlantic Philanthropies, US Trust Company of NY, Irene Diamond Fund, Brooke Garber & Daniel Neidich Fund, Harkness Foundation for Dance, Carl Jacobs Fund, McMullan Family Foundation, Rodgers Family Foundation, Shubert Foundation, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, A. Woodner Fund and numerous additional generous individuals, corporations and foundations.

Memberships:  The Lubovitch company is a member of Dance/USA, Dance/NYC, ART/NY and the Arts & Business Council.